What's On Tap?


Traditionell - Lager (4.2%)

A traditional (traditionell) German lager, malty but dry with a touch of hop aroma.

Deep Core - DIPA (8.6%)

Single hop Galaxy DIPA. Loads of passionfruit (think Golden Circle Golden Pash). Deep Core is the name of the Super Massive Black Hole at the centre of the Star Wars Galaxy.

Fairies Wear Boots - IPA (7%)

Dank and delicious with a strong malty backbone, this IPA is sure to excite your palate.

Runnin' Mud - Pale Ale (4.6%)

Big citrus notes with hints of pineapple make this easy drinking pale ale perfect for a hot summers day.

Rye the Witchfinder - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (10.1%)

Aged in Jack Daniels barrels - roasty, earthy and spicey finishing with bourbon, vanilla and oak.

Schnapsidee - IPA (7%)

We thought it was a great idea when we were drunk to name this beer 'schnapsidee'. This IPA is fermented with German ale yeast, hopped with mandarina Bavaria, Hüll Melon and hallertau blanc for flavours of citrus and melon.

Waka Jawaka - IPA (7%)

Waka Jawaka was the fourth album Frank Zappa released and it's the fourth time we've used zappa hops in our beer. With notes of spearmint and candy, this IPA quenches the Tropical Queensland thirst.

Roggenbier (5.2%)

Like a wheat beer but with a little bit of spice from the rye, the colour in this comes from brown and caramel rye malts.

Belgian Barrel Aged Lambic (6.6%)

Pilsner and wheat malt bring this slightly salty and tart Lambic together after two years in a French oak shiraz barrel.

Skull Rider - Black IPA (6.66%)

Pale, roast barley and roast wheat, chocolate and caramel malts. Columbus, eureka and centennial hops. Named by our brewer Jarrett’s son, Lennox.

Hodge Podge - Brown Ale (5.9%)

Pale, Munich, Wheat, Crystal, Roast, Biscuit, rolled barley make up the malt bill, Pacific Crest, Columbus and Hersbrucker hops for a hodgepodge of European and American flavours.

Funky Bunch - Grisette (4.5%)

BBC Autumn brewers comp winner Mark got to brew his winning beer on the big rig. Pilsner, wheat and rye make up the malt bill with Wakatu (NZ) and Hersbrucker (GER) hops. BE134 yeast. Originally a beer for the mine workers.

Geezer - British Stout (5%)

Well-balanced English style stout with big notes of chocolate and roast. Goes down all to easy

Backyard Cider - Tart Cider (4.5%)

This cracker of a cider uses the freshest ingredients to create a delicious and refreshing brew. We took freshly crushed Stanthorpe apples, fermented them in Shiraz barrels from the hunter valley to create a tart cider using our house mixed culture yeast

Tropical Low - Mid ale (3.5%)

An easily sessionable beer designed so you can have a few. Fruity and hopped with Galaxy, Mosaic and Rakau hops for a light and refreshing brew you can enjoy on any occasion.